Althea Simons, Founder & CEO, GRAMMAR

You really thought about the many different shapes of the female body – these shirts really are for all women,” stated Betsy, (Fashion Attorney, 53) an attendee of GRAMMAR’s very first pop-up event at the TriBeCa House on November 7th in New York City. The event was hosted by New York it-girl and model Tory Williams, organized by Vogue-featured fashion photographer Michelle McCormack, and officially sponsored by Redbull, Lyft and Célange. To say the least, we had A LOT of fun!

GRAMMAR NYC classic collared white shirt


The intimate GRAMMAR gathering brought together women of all ages, working in many different industries. The focal point of the soiree featured a “try and pre-buy” of our first collection, five ‘perfect white shirts.’ In addition to pre-ordering, our new customers (and friends!) were gifted an ethically made tote bag complete with GRAMMAR logo. The most popular purchases of the evening consisted of the unique and dramatic Dangling Modifier, and the slimming, professional Conjunction. We were elated and inspired to see you wearing our shirts, and even moreso that you loved them as much as we do. We can barely describe our feelings of gratitude. 

GRAMMAR NYC classic collared white shirtGRAMMAR NYC classic collared white shirt


Thank you once again to Tory Williams for hosting, Michelle McCormack for organizing, and to Redbull, Lyft as well as Célange for sponsoring! To each of you that attended last night, thank you for spending your Tuesday night with us. We are so excited to know you and look forward to seeing you next time!


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GRAMMAR was founded in 2016 by the creatively-minded and ivy-league educated Althea Simons. GRAMMAR was started with an idea to create well-designed, high-quality wardrobe staples, go to pieces that make you feel great no matter what. This is a product you can feel good about owning; each white shirt is created with passion, love, and care. We use certified organic cotton, we produce right here in New York City, and we’re always striving for the highest quality in everything we do.