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Grammar Woman: Holly

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Grammar Woman Holly Adams white shirt

Tea for Two

Holly is stylish, intelligent, and creative, which makes her the perfect person for our first Grammar Woman profile. She has also been my best friend since I was four years old. On a recent Sunday the two of us spent the day together, as we often do. She served us tea at her apartment, and then we wandered around the neighborhood where we’ve both lived for years: Williamsburg. Unsurprisingly, we ended up at one of our favorite local spots for a glass of wine. Here she shares her thoughts on our day and a little bit about her glorious self.

Grammar Woman white shirt

What is it about tea?

Anyone who knows me, knows I LOVE tea! Making yourself a cup of tea is a simple act of self-care. And there’s nothing better or more conducive to cozy conversation than sharing a pot of tea with a dear friend – ideally in a beautiful pot with delicious cookies on the side! Besides, I’m of British descent, so a love for tea is in my DNA!

What inspires you?

My deepest inspirations are the places nearest and dearest to my heart, Maine (where I’m from) and Japan (where I lived from ages 11-16). The wonders of Maine are endless, from the breathtaking rocky coast to the serene hills and lakes inland. I’m biased but I think it’s the most beautiful place on earth. The rustic, wild beauty of Maine is a wonderful juxtaposition to the curated and highly design-oriented beauty you find in Tokyo. I was recently there and visited the Nezu museum, a secret garden right in the middle of the city. And the Zen gardens in Kyoto should be on everyone’s bucket list.  Not to mention the beauty that's all around us every day in the  gritty and incomparable NYC! My mom recently pointed out how beautiful the scuffed up metallic stairs of my subway station are - she's right! We just have to pause long enough to let it in. My job is fashion, but it’s also a love – I feel so lucky to work with creative people who inspire me every day. And I find a lot of inspiration in interiors as well – sometimes I feel like my Instagram feed is 90% drool-worthy bathrooms!

Grammar Woman Holly Adams

What are some of your favorite spots in Williamsburg?

I’ve lived in Williamsburg for 9 years, but the constant change means I find new fave places all the time! Hotel Delmano is an oldie but goodie for classic cocktails, St Anselm makes a mean steak, Llama Inn’s ceviche never misses, and of course, Four Horsemen is the best place to enjoy unique natural wines. The bartenders are super knowledgeable and amenable to teaching a wine novice like me! Plus, the fact that it’s owned by LCD Soundsystem’s James Murphy gives it some instant cred (and of course, a great playlist).


What do you love about your Grammar shirts? 

As they say, simplicity is the ultimate sophistication, and my Grammar shirts embody this value perfectly. Simple sophistication that works seamlessly into my wardrobe – the styling options are endless! I’ve paired them with my comfiest jeans for Sunday brunch, with my most boss work pants for the office, and with leather leggings for Saturday dinner out. And I’m just getting started with them!  Plus, I’m committed to supporting sustainable fashion. Many of us are careful about how our other habits affect our fragile earth – we recycle, buy organic foods, so why is how we clothe ourselves any different? I’ve quit fast fashion (sorry Zara, but please know that what we had was real) and try to buy fewer, timeless pieces that are ethically produced and will truly last. I think one of the most important ways to shop more responsibly is summed up perfectly by Tomas Maier –  ‘just have less!’


Holly Adams Williamsburg Brooklyn

What’s your favorite part of speech & why?

I don’t know if I have a favorite part of speech (although who doesn't love a verb? This is New York, man, we're all about action), but I’m a bit of a vocab nerd.  I love to read and always get excited when I come across a new word I don’t know.  I also get word-of-the-day emails that I actually read (what? I said I was a nerd).  The word a few days ago was ‘heartsome’, meaning giving cheer, spirit, or courage.  As in….my, what a HEARTSOME white shirt Grammar makes!  Language, like fashion, is all about self-expression, and I love learning new ways to do just that  -- it’s the way we find our most meaningful connections.


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