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How to style: Get personal with the preposition

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Grammar White Shirt "The Preposition"

There is an unbearable chicness to wearing and styling a button-up shirt. At GRAMMAR we’ve shared with you styling tips for our unique dangling modifier, as well as the boss babe-ly conjunction. Today, we propose the preposition. Got things to do? Is that even a question? The preposition’s ¾ length sleeves stay out of your way so you can live your life, no interruptions. The collar extension is working overtime to create a tie that can be fastened into a bow at the neckline (or not) - it’s not preposterous, it’s the preposition and you probably need it. It's the epitome of GRAMMAR glamour.

The preposition was designed to glorify those with a smaller bust and bubble bum. With this mind we’re exploring a few topics to keep in mind when styling the preposition — such as leaving the bow undone, or how to pair it with sleek, dark trousers while retaining a casual vibe. This shirt will hide your flaws (as if you have any) and stay as white as the day you received it. Be sure to peruse our exclusive how-to-care guide here.

Grammar White Shirt three-quarter sleeves

Undone Is Fun

At GRAMMAR, we took the time to create a perfect a-line silhouette with the preposition. It's the style most flattering for our pear shaped babes. Fun fact: it remains our only style with ¾ length sleeves. In addition, the curved hemline covers the bum in the back and allows for the front hem to naturally be raised to show off your slimmer side. These key design elements lend it to pairing perfectly with a dark wash, high rise, skinny leg pant. One of the exciting functionalities of the versatile preposition is it’s extended collar stand. Have more fun by leaving the preposition undone, or tie it like a mens tie. The understated palette of this look achieves a uniquely upscale yet laid-back result.

Elevate It

We felt keen on elevating the preposition ever so slightly. To accomplish this we paired the preposition with an ethically-produced smokey blue clutch from Nisolo. Notice how this darker hue balances the tanned suede of the rounded toe shoes? We love flats for their comfort but sometimes we need a little boost, so we opted for a comfortable AND elevating slight heel. The look achieved is relaxed but put-together, effortless but thoughtful. Try it for yourself, and let us know what you come up with in the comments or on Instagram. #GrammarLove.

Grammar white shirt a-line "The Preposition"

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