Style for your power career: The conjunction

White Shirt organic cotton The Conjunction

In our styling post last week we offered casual, laid back looks for our unique and dramatic dangling modifier - this week we would like to introduce the professionally chic conjunction. At GRAMMAR we believe that personal style need not be sacrificed during working hours. Meet the conjunction, our version of, "I'm dressing for work but it doesn't feel like it." GRAMMAR has made the “impossible,” possible. The conjunction is babe-ly, waist slimming AND professional. With this top of mind, we’ve created three accessible styling tips when adorning the conjunction.

power dressing Womens suit white shirt

Suit It

Suits are culturally synonymous with high intellect and competency. White shirts, when paired with suits of any kind, signify a woman that means business. We want to be in business with these women. Ambitions should never take a backseat to style. The hazelnut hued power suit from Vincetta, pairs naturally with the modern classic nature of the conjunction. Nisolo's black leather Oliver Oxfords compliment the darker coffee shades of the suit trousers, ultimately pulling the entire ensemble together. The result is a look that exudes confidence, capability and expertise.

Knot It

Tie the knot with the conjunction. The easiest way to define a waistline without a belt is by knotting your shirt in the center. At GRAMMAR, our conjunction does the work so you don't have to. This garment’s prominent knotted feature has the ability to accentuate and flatter women with busty, hourglass figures. Our specialized knot lends a more creative finish as opposed to simply tucking in your shirt. Why Knot?

Drape It

Who needs jacket sleeves when you’re wearing a statement piece as slimming and chic as the conjunction? For after work drinks, the conjunction is a natural fit for an over the shoulder blazer drape. By draping this coffee hued, double breasted blazer over the stand-alone conjunction, you are allowing even the most conservative work attire to achieve a sophisticated, yet understated, elegance. Perfect for happy hour.

professional Womens work outfit white shirt

How do you style your GRAMMAR? Let us know in the comments.