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5 Perfect White Shirts And 5 Beautiful Body Shapes: Guest Post by Nikita of Hungry Wardrobe

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Dressing your best is simple when you know, understand and love your body shape; and with Grammar’s five perfect white shirts, made locally in New York’s garment district from 100% organic cotton, you can go from day to night, work to casual with ease all while fitting your body shape perfectly. Learn your perfect fit based on your body shape and get your white shirt working hard for you.


The Preposition

Best for: Oval Body Shape

Body shape oval shirt Grammar

The Goal

Add volume and width to your shoulders, draw attention above your bust line and accentuate your slender legs.

How the Preposition works for you

The collar extension and structured shoulders draw attention to and add width to your shoulder line. A loose silhouette skims over your bust and flares out to obscure your waist all while creating a flattering diagonal line at the front and back hem across your hips and booty.

Style your Preposition

Highlight those pins with slim pants or jeans and add a heel for extra impact; a low vamp will create the most flattering line. Use a statement earring and/or bold lip colour to further draw attention above your bust line.

Also good for

Rectangle and triangle body shapes, petite ladies and those wanting to camouflage a booty.


The Dangling Modifier

Best for: Rectangle Body Shape

Body shape rectangle shirt Grammar


Create curves by enhancing your upper body, forming a waist and adding volume at your hips.

How the Dangling Modifier works for you

Waist darts at the front and back work in harmony with your body shape by following your natural body line. Structured shoulders enhance your upper body while the longer length creates interest and volume at your lower body.

Style your Dangling Modifier

Add extra focus and create curves by belting at your waist and for a more casual look roll the sleeves to sit at your waistline.

Also good for

Inverted triangle body shape and those blessed with height.



The Split Infinitive

Best for: Inverted Triangle Body Shape

body shape inverted triangle shirt Grammar


Balance out your top half by adding volume and drawing attention to your lower body.

How the Split Infinitive works for you

The slightly dropped shoulder seams help soften and minimise your broader shoulders while those stunning billowy sleeves help draw attention to your lower half.

Style your Split Infinitive

Add a long necklace over a buttoned up look or wear buttons undone as low as you dare to further balance out your top half by drawing the eye down. Tuck into a full skirt, think bright or printed, or wear with relaxed fit jeans to focus attention on your lower body.

Also good for

Oval body shape and those wanting to show off their booty.


The Conjunction

Best for: Hourglass Body Shape

body shape hourglass shirt Grammar


Frame your balanced body by highlighting your bust, waist and hips.

How the Conjunction works for you

Drawing attention exactly where you want it, at your defined waist, the knot design detail makes a statement while working in harmony with your body shape. Back darts make sure this silhouette fits close to the body and is flattering your natural curves from all angles.

Style your Conjunction

This style speaks for itself but for added drama tie hair back in a sleek pony or bun, add a bold lip and use your footwear and outerwear choice to set the oversized coat and kicks for daytime and a blazer and heels for later.

Also good for

Rectangle body shape and those wanting to accentuate a smaller bust or show off a fuller bust.

The Verb

Best for: Triangle Body Shape

body shape triangle shirt Grammar


Balance out your bottom half by adding volume and drawing attention to your upper body.

How the Verb works for you

A structured collar and fitted shoulders help broaden and accentuate your shoulder line while bust darts and a centre back seam create a perfect fit through the body. All finished with a curved hemline that flatters your hips with a soft diagonal line.

Style your Verb

Pair with darker colored pieces and streamlined silhouettes on the bottom of your body to further balance out your bottom half and help draw more attention to your upper body with bold earrings, a statement necklace or bright lip.

Also good for

Hourglass body shape (especially when tucked in to accentuate that waist!) and anyone wanting a classic shirt with complete versatility to be styled to suit your body shape!

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