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***This article was written by Rachel Kibbe of Helpsy Blog***

How much do you love a beautiful white, tailored shirt? And how much of a pain is it to find the PERFECT one? That’s a rhetorical question because we all know that, as women especially, it’s nearly impossible to find a white tailored shirt that fits, not to mention one that’s made ethically and sustainability. Part of the problem, says Grammar CEO Althea Simons, is that these shirts are really tough to make—they take a lot of time, attention to detail and cost a lot to produce. Grammar, her new line of sustainable clothing basics, is launching with one product and addressing the daunting task of creating the perfect fitting white tailored shirt. But she needs your support with her Kickstarter Campaign.

Already featured in WWD, the line will be cut and sewn in NYC using organic cotton from India. Their direct to consumer model means the items will only be available through Grammar sales channels, cutting out the middleman and keeping prices accessible. You will get the quality and sustainability of a luxury tailored white shirt, for a fraction of the cost of what you’d pay at a department store.


Split Infinitive white shirt by Grammar NYC sustainable fashion organic cotton

This is Simons’ first clothing line but it’s been years and years of education and hard work leading up to this point. Armed with undergraduate degree from Brown in Neuroscience, Art training from RISD, an AAS from Parsons in Fashion Design and an MBA from Wharton, finally she’s dedicated the entire last year of her life to developing Grammar.

Verb white shirt by Grammar NYC sustainable fashion organic cotton

Now Simons wants to hear from you and she also needs your support. She’s launching her brand through Kickstarter today to raise the $25,000 needed to order at volumes to keep pricing accessible to customers. She also wants your feedback. The Kickstarter campaign is a perfect opportunity to test market her product and see what you really want. Give what you can, from levels of $5-$5,000. Vote with your dollars to bring what you want into this world, and we know you all are still waiting for the perfect white tailored shirt, so help Grammar make it happen!