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We’re so over those brands who are all about jumping on the sustainable, eco-friendly, green, “we’re doing good” train just for the sake of some fresh press. A lot of them do a good job at tricking us, at least at first. They use the right language and some are even bold and dedicate entire pages on their websites to showing how “transparent” or “ethical” or “honest” when really it’s nothing but a red herring so you don’t find out the ugly truth that exists down in the supply chain. We aren’t going to drop names here, but those brands know who they are.

And these are the brands we have to beware of. Don’t sweat it though. That’s why you have us. We spend 98% (gross exaggeration, but let’s ride with it, k?) of our time of our time hunting for amazing brands we can share with you.

Because the green-washing is real, guys

Bottom line is, doing better for the moment because it’s ‘so in right now’ is quite the antithesis of being sustainable. True sustainability is about long-term, about the future. A fast fashion brand cannot be sustainable because they are all about cranking out as many pieces per season as possible. Doing better, meaning creating trend-transcending pieces that will last longer and endure seasons after seasons cannot be sustained by these kinds of brands over a long period of time because guess what? Their customers will slowly stop shopping as often and that will really hurt their profits, which are based on volume. Get it?

We’ve evolved a lot in the way we think and analyze since the major boom of fast fashion, which was around the time we started college. These days we’re much more well-versed in what actual sustainability means and what to look for in a brand and can easily bypass the ones who just want to get caught up in the buzz. Grammar NYC checks all the boxes and more. What’s the and more? They are not only a truly sustainable brand, but their stuff is incredibly stylish.

Quality staples to add to your wardrobe

You know how we feel about strategically curating a versatile, fully functional wardrobe filled with high-quality pieces that aren’t going to end up in some random overflowing landfill before you finish catching up on that new Netflix series everybody’s been talking about for the past few weeks (phew). If you don’t, definitely sign up for our masterclass (it’s free) and you’ll be convinced. The goal is to no longer stuff our closets with bargains and deals and denim that costs less than lunch. The new aspiration is to have a closet that is filled with beautifully made, high-quality pieces that have been designed with durability and style equally in mind.

This is where embracing brands who release well-crafted pieces that don’t sacrifice style for ethics come in handy. And we’ll be real: it’s not like they come a dime a dozen. Right now they’re pretty rare, but the more we support the gems we find in the rough, the more the fast fashion retailers will suffer. And who knows? Maybe they’ll finally get the hint.

Every piece from Grammar is made in the U.S., which we love because, as you probably know, buying clothes that are made in China, Bangladesh, and other third-world countries almost always means child or near slave labor was involved. Yes, the fashion industry isn’t only harmful to our planet, but also outright violates millions of people’s human rights every hour of every day.

Let’s talk Grammar’s beautiful collection

Shall we? If the perfect white shirt is one of your wardrobe staples, you’re about to go crazy when you get to the site. And if it’s not one of your essentials, it’s definitely still a must-have and your wardrobe probably needs an updated version. All the designs in the line are versatile and classic in the sense that your wardrobe will never grow out of them style-wise, but nothing about them is ordinary. It’s all in the details.

There’s the Preposition, which features a curved hemline and a collar extension that can be tied into a bow or left open for the perfect amount of insouciance. The Dangling Modifier (yes, they’re all named for parts of speech, so cute, right?) is a stunning shirtdress/tunic that has the perfect amount of understated drama. The Conjunction is the perfect statement top as it features a large waist tie that will give anyone an hourglass shape. The Verb is Grammar’s take on an everyday basic, and is so perfect with its bust darts, center back seam, and fitted shoulders. The Split Infinitive has the best billowy sleeves and oversized fit that’s perfect will something skimming like leggings or skinnies.

These are for ‘The Good Shirts’ section of your closet

There are some things you just know, instantly, and when you touch Grammar’s shirts you know before you take your next blink or breath that it’s one of those “good” shirts. Meaning, the fabric is just so right. You automatically know you’re going to be handling it with extra care not only because it’s white, but also out of respect for how amazing it feels on your body. And you don’t even have to dry clean them. Nope. They’re gorgeous, high-quality, made from 100% organic cotton, and low-maintenance.

Definitely head over to Grammar’s site and peruse the collection as you’re bound to fall in love with at least one of their 100% organic shirts. They’re absolutely investment pieces, but so worth the money. We can’t wait to see this new brand grow and evolve. We’re keeping up with them on IG, you can too here.

Based In | New York City, NY
Ethics | 100% vegan, sweatshop-free
Best For | Statement white shirts
Product Range | White shirts
Price Range | $$$
Top Picks | The Verb Shirt, The Preposition Shirt

Which style are you lusting after the most? Let us know in the comments below!