WWD GRAMMAR NYC classic collared white shirt

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I may be a bit of a hoarder, but this one is especially good.

I have a real weakness, it seems, for white button-ups. See: the multiple (mostly thrifted) white shirts already in my closet, in all sorts of hem and sleeve lengths and shades of ivory, off-white and true white. See also: the fact that I've written about white button-ups on this very site before. Um, more than once

Call it being true to my personal brand, call it an attempt to look like a professional adult when my other favorite items of clothing tend to be child-like overalls or combat boots that make me feel like an angsty teen, call it a desire to invest in pieces I think are truly timeless. But I can't seem to stop.

Photo: Grammar

Photo: Grammar

My latest object of desire? This Preposition shirt from just-launched brand Grammar. The label uses ethically sourced raw materials from India and produces the garments in New York, and the whole line features the right kind of thoughtful little design details to make something as standard as a white shirt feel truly special. I love that this one has a roomy fit that looks super comfortable without sacrificing polish. Who knows, maybe it will be the white shirt to end my white shirt hoarding! That is, as long as I can avoid eyeing Grammar's Split Infinitive shirt, which also seems to be calling my name...

Preposition shirt, $169, available on Kickstarter.