Basic Care 101

Machine wash cold with like colors; line dry. To maintain the life of your garments, wash them as infrequently as possible; spot cleaning and air drying will do the trick. Most clothing, including GRAMMAR white shirts, can be washed cold by machine or by hand. Cold water is gentler on fabric and conserves energy.

Stains: Rinse & Pre-Treat

When you do wash, be sure to pre-treat discoloration with a stain remover. Dish soap or regular laundry detergent will work in a pinch. Consistent pre-treatment is the best solution for avoiding armpit stains over the long term. More severe stains should be rinsed immediately and pre-treated before washing.

Please, No Dry Cleaning

Contrary to popular belief, dry cleaning is actually more damaging to clothes than washing. In addition to being expensive and time consuming, dry cleaning involves harsh chemicals that are harmful to your clothing, your health, and the environment.

Whitening & Brightening

For extreme whitening power, opt for a non-chlorine bleach. There are many oxygen-based bleach options available; natural solutions include adding white vinegar or borax to your wash and drying laundry in the sun.


To eliminate wrinkles, ironing is always the best for a crisp look. However, a hand-steamer will work almost as well. You can fluff your shirt in the dryer with some wool dryer balls for a couple of minutes to achieve a more casual look. We avoid wrinkle-free and non-iron fabrics because they are often treated with formaldehyde.

More Tips

  • Unbutton your shirts and turn them inside out before throwing them in the wash. This helps reduce wear and tear, and is especially important on the collar fold so make sure at least the top few buttons are undone.
  • For oil stains, use baby powder. Cover the stain and let it sit for a few minutes. Then blot with a clean, white piece of fabric, and wash as normal.
  • When dealing with stains, blot don't scrub. Blotting picks up the stain and doesn't damage the fabric.
  • For heavily soiled shirts, soak overnight in non-chlorine bleach and detergent.