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How to Care for Your Grammar Shirt

Nothing says, “I’m clean AF and I haven’t even showered” quite like a crisp white shirt.

So how do you care for these white darlings? We want  to ensure your newest and most treasured white shirts stay at the front of the closet. White attracts light, but it also attracts everything else; like armpit stains and wrinkles. We just can’t be having that. Conscious city gals wearing GRAMMAR need to know how to properly take care of it. Below are a few GRAMMAR go-tos in terms of: washing, drying, preventative care and stain removal.

NO NEED TO DRY CLEAN. We get how environmentally hazardous, not to mention annoying, dry-cleaning can be. This is why we made it a non-issue for each of GRAMMAR’s white shirts.

WASH COLD & LINE DRY. For the washing machine, we recommend turning your GRAMMAR darlings inside out and unbuttoning the buttons. Machine wash cold (higher heat = more energy!) and line that baby to dry. You don’t have to wash every time you wear – no stains and smelling fresh? No need to wash! You are saving energy while simultaneously ensuring that the shirt will last longer.

PRE-TREAT ARMPIT STAINS. This is the hottest tip ever, and so easy – you’ll just need any pre-treatment spray (we use this eco-friendly one). Spray the armpits of your shirts before throwing them in the wash. THAT’S IT! Spray them every time you wash, even if you don’t see stains. This also works for any other type of stain, except oil (read on!).

TIPS FOR WRINKLES. Of course ironing will make your shirt the crispiest it can possibly be, but sometimes we just don’t have time for that. When you need to get rid of wrinkles, but don’t have time to press, 5 minutes in the dryer will do the trick. For small city apartments with no room for an ironing board, we recommend a hand steamer to deal with wrinkles.

RINSE STAINS IMMEDIATELY. For food and wine and coffee and most other things, the best thing you can do is strip down and rinse that shirt off immediately. This insures the stain doesn’t set, and you can spray and wash when you get home. Dish soap also works well in a pinch.

BABY POWDER FOR OIL STAINS. Oil stain? Baby powder. Cover the stain and let it sit. Then blot with a clean, white piece of fabric, and wash as normal.

KEEP THOSE WHITES BRIGHT. Keep GRAMMAR whites the whitest by adding 1/2 cup of borax or white vinegar mixed into one gallon of water during the wash cycle. For an extra brightening boost, hang laundry in the sun for natural bleaching.

Was this helpful? If you still have white-hot questions please email us at We hope we have assisted in lightening your load ;)


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