Halloween Costume Ideas Featuring: White Shirts

WORDS Meredith Nash

GRAPHICS Meredith Nash

Halloween may be a bit different this year, but there's no reason you can’t still celebrate in style. Halloween style doesn't get more effortless than costumes featuring our favorite wardrobe staple, the white button down. If you're still undecided on your costume we have a few ideas to dress up our timeless classics. You’ll look absolutely killer in any of these costume ideas, even from 6+ feet away.

The Preposition Pirate. Grab your statement belt or that corset you have hidden in the back of your closet and tie it loosely over the Preposition shirt. A red scarf or hat and chunky jewelry will establish that pirate glamour, and leaving the neckties untied and neckline open adds to that disheveled pirate swagger. With some leggings and tall leather boots, you’ll be a real buccaneer.

Sail the Seas From Home

A white shirt is a pirate staple.

The Verb for Wednesday Addams. Embrace your inner darkness by transforming the classic white button up into the ultimate goth-girl outfit. Layer The Verb under a long sleeve black dress or sweater, throw on some black tights, and complete the look with her signature tight braids. Gloomy glamour has never looked so chic!

Classic Creepy

The Addams Family is never short on fright or glamour.

The Agent, Mia Wallace This cult classic costume requires nothing more than the tailored Agent Shirt and basic black pants or leggings. Red nail polish, dark brown eyeshadow, and a bobbed wig will complete the look, and doing The Twist will really sell it.

Dancing in the Night

The classic costume straight from your closet on halloween night.

The Split Infinitive suits Mary Poppins This is the only split infinitive Mary would ever tolerate. Class things up a bit with everybody’s favorite mystical and musical nanny. All you need is The Split Infinitive, buttoned blazer or overcoat, long skirt, tights, and a little red bow tie or ribbon. Add a black boater hat and carry around her signature black umbrella and you’re good to go; a spoonful of sugar will be no problem with all of the candy lying around!


Ms. Poppins' sugary sweet attitude is the perfect match for Halloween candy.

The Schwa Tuxedo for Breakfast at Tiffany’s Trade in your sweatpants for a more glam work-from-home/lounge outfit, drawing inspiration from one of film’s most stylish stars. Grab The Schwa Tuxedo shirt, some tassel earrings, and a luxurious Tiffany Blue sleep mask and go drape yourself over a chaise...or couch.

Breakfast or Halloween Night

Holly Golightly never lacks for luxury, and neither should you.

The Agent Hits "One More Time" Take the schoolgirl look to the next level by paying homage to Britney’s 1999 hit “Baby One More Time.” The Agent gives you that loose fit--perfect for tying up and layering under a gray cardigan. Add a plaid skirt, knee-high socks, Mary Janes, and put your hair up in braided pigtails and you’re ready to hit it!

It's Britney B*tch

You'll have everyone singing along through their masks.

The Verb: Men in Black First assignment: acquire a tailored black suit, the Verb white button down, black shoes, a black tie, and dark shades. Dress up with your significant other or go solo, and if you have a pug, dress them up too! Carry around a pen or flashlight to Neuralyze people...from 6 feet away of course.

Nothing is Unkillable

Make like Tessa Thompson and slay all day, and night.

The Agent is Risky Business There is no better costume for an at-home Halloween party of one. With The Agent, some boxers, calf socks, and a pair of sunglasses, you can dress up and stay comfortable. Turn on “Old Time Rock and Roll,” play some air guitar, and let loose like Tom Cruise!

Just take those old records off the shelf

and sit and listen to them by yourself (or with your pod)

The Determiner Blair Waldorf With a Gossip Girl reboot in the works, it’s the perfect time to embrace your inner Blair Waldorf. The iconic Upper East Side uniform includes a cool button down like the Determiner Shirt Jacket, a short skirt, high socks, and a pair of cute flats. Of course, no outfit of “B’s” would ever be complete without a headband! Xoxo...

You need to be cold to be queen.

Channel the ice queen with all the quippy lines.

Trick or Treat

In an effortlessly chic Halloween costume!