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WORDS Sasha Patil

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Althea searched the city for the best factory
to produce our shirts to our high standard of quality. The factory
we work with is a 40-year-old family-owned business located in the heart of the Garment District, where each Grammar shirt
is made with love and care.

1. Our Community

We love producing locally because we love knowing the people who make our shirts. We have personal relationships with the artisans and business owners we work with. There is nothing better than the community and shared sense of accomplishment we feel with our manufacturing partners. The people we work with are experts in their field and they have so much to teach us about their craft. We love to ask questions and get into the weeds of the work, and we’re truly humbled by their knowledge and experience. By producing locally, we are able to build relationships with the people who make Grammar shirts and grow together as a community.

Bundles of Cutwork

After the individual pattern pieces are cut the sizes are bundled together for the sewers

2. Small Business

Small, local businesses are the backbone of the American economy. Small businesses in the United States have created more than 65% of net new jobs since 19951. For New York specifically, small businesses in the Garment District are crucial for the local economy. The Garment District employs over 8,000 workers and adds $2 billion to the city’s economy each year2. As a small business ourselves, it is important to us to support economic growth in our city and we are able to do so by producing in the Garment District.

In The Studio

We produce samples to perfect how a style will fit on the body

3. The Garment District

Walking through the Garment District is like stepping back in time. It is one of the few areas in New York City that hasn’t completely changed in the past several decades. The garment industry from the 1960’s still exists, even though it is much smaller than it was in its prime. You still see people delivering rolls of fabric and rolling racks of clothes through the streets to other businesses in the area. Everything you need to make clothing - from fabric to trims to factories to service providers - is all within a five block radius. This tightly woven industry does not exist anywhere else, and we feel that it is important to keep our history and culture alive. When you walk through the Garment District you can feel the soul of New York and we love being a part of keeping the magic alive.

Behind the scenes

We produce small batches in NYC to ensure our quality and sustainability standards

3. Middle Class Jobs

The fashion industry has experienced drastic changes over the last century. In 1960, 95% of the clothing sold in the U.S. was made in New York’s Garment District; now only 3% of our clothing is produced here3. Most clothing production has been outsourced to third-world countries, accounting for almost one hundred thousand lost manufacturing jobs in the United States over the same period4.

Manufacturing jobs are a key to the American Dream. Many of the men and women who work at our factory are immigrants with poor English speaking skills; these are some of the few skilled, well-paying jobs that exist for them in New York that allow them to create a better life for themselves and their families. One of the things that makes our city so magical is that it is truly a melting pot; people from all walks of life in the same city working together to make the world a better place. We need a middle class to maintain that magic.

Made in NYC

We produce in NYC because it is beneficial for the economy an the environment

5. Quality Control

We produce locally in small batches to ensure that our high quality and sustainability standards are met. Producing in small batches allows for higher levels of transparency, quality, and ethical labor practices5. We see the garments coming together in person, and we see the conditions of the factory. When you put on a Grammar shirt you can feel the high-quality craftsmanship and care we all put into it. Producing minimal stock in a small factory is better for the environment6. We avoid overproduction and textile waste by creating only what we need. We travel by subway to the Garment District to pick up our finished garments, thus minimizing pollution from transportation in our supply chain.

Producing in small batches locally in New York City’s Garment District was a choice that stems from our company values. It is important to us that we support small businesses, the local economy, and our colleagues in the trade. When you put on a Grammar shirt you can feel confident not only in how you look, but also that your purchase had a beneficial impact in New York City and the world. Thank you so much for being a part of this positive movement.




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