The Perfect White Shirt for Your Style Personality

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We at GRAMMAR believe that everyone should have a good white shirt in their closet. We’ve always specialized in crafting the highest quality white shirts, but as our collection has expanded, more and more of our customers have come to us wondering which of our many shirts is right for them.

Each of our styles is created to suit a different need or desire. That’s why we love Natalie Tincher’s approach to styling. She has created a framework for discovering your “Style Personality” that helps you define and shop according to your needs.

When we first met Natalie, our rapport was undeniable. Our fantastic conversation on her podcast about the connection between writing and your wardrobe illuminated just how like-minded we are. With her passion for all things sustainable and her background as an editor, Natalie quickly earned our love and admiration for what she does.

Fast forward to Natalie’s system (we do love a good system). Natalie uses personality to guide your search for clothing that perfectly suits you and your taste. By connecting your inner self to your external fashion expression, you are able to enhance your wardrobe experience, only curating pieces you truly love.

What is a style personality?

A ‘style personality’ is the unique mission, character traits, and values that define the clothes that feel most like home to you. Natalie has developed six different style personalities to map your wardrobe preferences and help you maximize the love you have for your clothes—both those you own, and those you’re adding to your collection. Discover your dominant and secondary styles with her Style Assessment.

Which style are you?

The Design Process

From drawing board to your closet


If you feel most at home when at home, have a slightly more active lifestyle, and value the practicality of a comfortable fit over trending fashion, you may have a relaxed style personality. You know what you like, and it works for you. You find that your positive attitude is what truly makes the outfit.

If this sounds like you…

Try the Declarative Shirt. With a defined but understated lapel collar and relaxed-fit dolman sleeves, this shirt is your go to for feeling comfortable and confident from home to work and everywhere in between. The Declarative is a perfect blend of fashionably loose and elegantly finished, complementing your practical approach to life.

The Declarative Shirt


If you tend to value tradition and put extra time and effort into seeking out and investing in high-quality pieces that will last you a lifetime, you may have a classic style personality. Classics love understated elegance, preferring neutral tones and minimal design details. Your clothes tend to be just like you: structured, well-kempt, and versatile.

If this sounds like you…

Then the Verb Shirt is your winner. There’s nothing more classic than a perfectly tailored white button-down. Stroll in tasteful style down a street with Grace Kelly-worthy scenery, sporting this smart and reliable wardrobe basic.

The Verb Shirt


Meticulously selecting each piece of her look, this woman enjoys her tasteful luxury. As a polished style personality, you may enjoy a midmorning at the art gallery followed by a quick bite to eat at the darling café hidden by an overgrowth of wisteria. You’ve cultivated your taste, selecting only the finest quality fabrics, the neatest stitching, and the most refined details.

If this sounds like you…

So does the Conjunction Shirt. Cinched gently in the middle, this shirt adds shape, structure, and intentionality to an outfit. Matching well with your love of the finished look, the tie on the Conjunction shirt takes the basic white button-down to a new level of sophistication and savoir-vivre.

The Conjunction Shirt


If you’re a soft style personality, you’re all about soothing fabrics and delicate prints, possibly in pastels. You exude warmth and compassion; you’re the one who wishes she could save the worms from the sidewalk after it rains. Your big heart and inviting presence put people at ease wherever you go and however you dress.

If this sounds like you…

The Quotation Tee is the perfect addition to your somewhat quirky yet subtle wardrobe collection. With puffed sleeves for a feminine flair, this shirt beautifully compliments your quiet yet cultured taste.

The Quotation Tee


Bold, confident, expressive! You have a presence when you enter a room and you can sometimes be a polarizing personality. Style wise, you opt for stronger silhouettes, favoring a little bit of an edge. Bolder, more vibrant colors set off your fearless heart to its best advantage.

If this sounds like you…

Try the Superlative Shirt on for size. With sharper edges and tailored fit, this shirt matches your go-getter personality. Dress up the “bold leader” side of you with a classic piece that exudes competence.

The Superlative Shirt


Do you get lost in your own world when there’s a new problem to be solved? Is your table cluttered with half-finished art projects and miscellaneous inspirational pieces? As a creative, you’re not confined by what anyone, and I mean anyone, thinks of your style. Eclectic, quirky, striking, and experimental, you’ve got it all covered when it comes to slightly “out there” patterns, prints, and styles.

If this sounds like you…

Dress your creative spirit up with the Preposition Shirt. Flirty yet assertive, the ties can be worn loose and free, or tied into a prim bow. The styling possibilities are endless; dress it up or down to your heart’s desire.

The Preposition Shirt

Your style is both a connection with the outside world and a deeply personal expression of your inner self. Learning your dominant and secondary style personalities can help you to improve your experience with fashion, deepen your connection with your clothes, and guide you to more conscious shopping, so you can buy less of what you won’t wear and wear more of what you buy.

GRAMMAR is here for you on your style journey. Explore our entire collection to find exactly which pieces are missing from your current closet, from staple white shirts to winter-worthy flannel ensembles. Style personality in hand, prepare to revolutionize your shopping experience and get more satisfaction from fewer—but better-loved–-pieces.

If you need more assistance finding your perfect piece, we are here to help. Contact the GRAMMAR team at or Natalie’s team at

**The style personalities and their matching shirts are courtesy of Natalie Tincher. See her original post in partnership with us on Instagram, and visit her website, BU Style, to learn more.**

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