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The Split Infinitive Shirt


100% Organic Cotton

Split Infinitive: A construction consisting of an infinitive with an adverb or other word inserted between to and the verb.

Is it hot in here, or is it just you? This shirt is perfect for the ladies that run a little warm – The cool, billowy sleeves of the Split Infinitive allow for a refreshing airflow rarely found in other button-ups. The overlapping collar speaks for itself and allows the shirt to stand confidently on its own, even over your oldest pair of jeans. The loose fit and dropped shoulder make for a fit that is flattering on all body types while subtly showing off your bum (sold separately.) Basically, it’s chic on chic on chic.

We know how annoying and environmentally hazardous dry-cleaning is - therefore it’s not necessary on this product. Machine wash cold & line dry.


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