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From an object to a subject. No longer is a woman to be looked at. She is the one doing the seeing; observing the world and designing it on her own terms. She needs no adornment, just her tools for living.

- GRAMMAR Brand Strategy

GRAMMAR's mission is to make women feel good with beautiful clothing made to the highest standards of design and sustainability. We believe that clothes for women should be made by those that love and appreciate them. Nothing makes us happier than hearing from a customer that she feels confident and empowered when she wears GRAMMAR.

Made with Love

Product quality is how we communicate love to our customers.

I believe in the power of women to create a better future. Each woman has her own goals and drives; we respect and admire each and every one of them. I encourage every woman to claim her beauty and achieve her goals, to liberate herself from dated societal expectations. My goal in creating each garment is to complement the amazing force of each woman who wears it, her intelligence and passions, curiosities and confidence. Together we are reimagining the era that is to come — a better one.

Keeping You in Mind

I want every woman to feel like she can do anything when she wears GRAMMAR.

I design garments for women’s bodies and women’s lives. I want you to feel comfortable and powerful in your own skin. I believe that once you are dressed, you should forget about what you’re wearing. I want the garment to disappear, so you can pursue your day with ease and purpose. I believe in perfecting the foundational pieces that women can wear with love and ease. I create for women who dress only for themselves, to embrace her independence and excellence.

Dress for You

Your clothes should make you feel powerful and confident, like the best version of you.

I don’t believe in prescriptive design. GRAMMAR is about timeless wardrobe essentials–a canvas for you to paint upon to express your own creativity and style. I create with the goal of savoring and appreciating the luxury that is found in simplicity. Every design is refined until nothing can be added or taken away. I create garments to evoke excitement each time they are put on and to inspire the creativity of the wearer. I understand what looks and feels good, and I use that knowledge to create pieces with love.

Minimalism that isn't Boring

Our timeless garments are created for simplicity, so you can express your personal style.

Love and care for all womenis at the core of the GRAMMAR brand. We understand the value of principles and commitment to process as well as product. In addition to loving our customers, we love our partners and collaborators. We ensure that everyone who touches our product is treated with respect and equity. Because we produce locally, we have the privilege of knowing the amazing women who make our garments. We collaborate with incredible consultants and creators from our hometown in NYC and from around the world to create beautiful and powerful creative content. These women understand what it means to be a woman today; we believe it shows in our product and brand.

We Care

We are dedicated to and inspired by the incredible woman we work with.

Feeling Freedom

Clothes should make you feel confident and free. Let the garment fade away and let yourself shine.

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